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New to Lisbon: Social stuff, Horses, and Cycling


Hi All,

I'm new to Lisbon and new to this forum. I'm very keen to meet some other expats who are living here and loving it.

Also wondering if anyone know of any road cycling or MTB groups, training rides, races? I used to cycle alot, and loved it, and would like to get back on the road. Anyone a cyclist or know anyone that is? Adventure racing??

And lastly, horseriding. I love that too and am looking for dressage and/or jumping options at riding schools in or around Lisbon. Ideally I'd like to horse share with someone and ride 2x per week. I'm an M level rider and very experienced around horses. Anyone connected in the horse world here in Lisbon?

As you can see keen to connect and get some informaiton on activites etc. If anyone has any tips etc please don't hesitate to contact me!


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