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verão in portugal as an american (Lisbon)

Hello! My questions are a bit all over the place, and directed at people who are living in Portugal:

I've been trying to find a way to possibly move to Portugal this summer (a summer stay) with the intention of living amongst locals who don't speak English. Haven't had much luck finding online forums or groups so hoping to reach out to this forum with any kind of leads. I'm from the US and I currently live in Madrid. I'm an Educator and Coach and hoping to live somewhere in Portugal (don't want to limit myself to just Lisboa) for a period of time this coming summer. I'm looking into WOOFing and HelpX, but in the case that anyone knew anyone here that would be looking for any kind of summer help, I am more than willing to offer services (work/volunteer) - from anything to teaching to working in a restaurant/bar, (I have almost 10 years experience) childcare, gardening, etc. in exchange for compensation (accommodation, perhaps)

Otherwise, does anyone know of any intensive language schools in Portugal that would not break the bank?

And as far as a visa, I imagine a proper work visa would be a bit daunting to get, but for an American who is looking to live in the country for anywhere between Protected content , what is the general consensus?

Thank you for your time!

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