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Wanted: friends to hang out with! (Lisbon)

Ok, my subject sounds super pathetic, haha.

I moved to Lisbon a few days ago and I don't know anyone here yet. Sooo, it would be very nice to meet new people and to spend some great times here.

A little bit about me (I don't know if it works this way or if it's something for datingsites, but either way, something about me :-)):

I'm from Belgium, I speak Dutch, French, Portuguese and English.

I love travelling, food (and cooking), having great and long conversations, open-minded people, concerts, going to sit in a park to read, discovering new local places, dancing Kizomba and Bachata, having drinks, hiking, great views and much more but I won't bother you with that! ;-)

If anyone would like to meet up for a coffee or something, that would be very nice!

Have a great day,

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