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Where do expat children go to school in Lisbon?



We have looked online at the international schools in the Estoril/Cascais areas and have already been in touch with many of them. However, as we are concerned about living in Cascais while my husband works over the other side of Lisbon, near the airport, we are also considering living in Lisbon itself.

Our dilemma, however, is where do international parents, who live in Lisbon, send their children to school?

If we knew we were going to be in Lisbon for longer than a year or two, than we would most likely consider full immersion in the Portuguese schools, but at the moment we only know that we will be there for a year, possibly two, so think a bilingual or international school would be better.

Is there transport from Lisbon to the Estoril schools or do the expat children in Lisbon attend a mystery school that I cannot find online?!!

I do hope someone can help. I have seen that some people homeschool but I would prefer them to continue attending school outside of the home (if that makes sense...)

Hope someone can help!

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