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Any Squash players? (London)

Hello everybody,

Christmas is almost here and good food and fine drinks will be almost habitual for the next few weeks. And the one consequences of these indulgences (in my case at least) is finding my clothing a bit too fitting come end of December! :)

However as of recent I started learning squash and apart from it being an excellent calories burner, I found it a very refreshing, dynamic, active and entertaining game.

So I am now asking if there are any other players out there who would be interested in forming a Squash club? It would be wonderful if there are also some more “seasoned” players who would be willing to pass on some training to beginners and we could organise leagues and tournaments at the end of specific training periods.

Please let me know your thoughts and any ideas / suggestions.

Until then, wishing you all to enjoy the mince pies, panettone, cougnole, eggnogs, vánoční rybí polévka, Julebryg, mulled wine, Joululimppu, bûche de Noël, Weihnachtsplätzchen, roasted turkey, mákos guba, Möndlugrautur, slizikai, Julepølse, pork sausages, Julegrøt, bibingka, kutia, bacalhau, perú assado, Bolo Rei, piftie, cozonac, Česnica, mantecados & polvorones, Julbord and anything else your heart desires!

All the best,


(I am hungry already) :)

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