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Belgian healthcare (London)

If any Belgian on this forum has any experience with keeping health coverage in Belgium while working in the UK, it would be most helpful!

I have lived and worked in London for the last three years.
When I moved here, I had to relinquish the rights to free healthcare in my home country Belgium.
It has been quite an issue as I do spend a lot of time in Belgium as well, and I recently had to go the the ER, where they ended up billing me 200€ (even though I showed my European card).
I am going to need to undergo surgery on my shoulder this summer and I want to do it in Belgium, so my family can help me out while I am recovering.
I am wondering what are the steps to do so while still being covered and avoid paying exhorbitant sums.
I have told many time about an S1 and an S2 form but I cannot find it online or anywhere.

Does anyone have experience with keeping Belgian health coverage while also being on the NHS?
Thank you,

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