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Can anyone help with school project? (London)


Dear people,

We are Anne, Merel, Suzan and Bas and we are students at the Fontys University of Applied sciences in Eindhoven, this is in the Netherlands.

We are currently in our last year of our study; commercial economics, and for an export project we will be visiting London in the week of 14 December to do market research. Therefore, we would like to make an appointment to ask some expats in London about their experiences in the London if possible.

Our question is if there are people here who are willing to talk to us for about half an hour to tell us what it is like to work and live in London. This would really help us with our school project. We are also interested in the digitalization and document management of workplaces, if anyone could help us by answering some questions about this subject that would really help us too, so please let us know!

Our available dates are:
Tuesday 15 December
Wednesday 16 December

If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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