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Credit Card applications in the UK (London)

Hey guys,

My problem evolves around credit card applications in the UK.

Currently I am using the British Airways American Express Credit card, but want to change to another card (preferably Visa or Mastercard) for several reasons. (Mainly cause I've reached all the points and miles I need right now and the thing is kind of expensive.)

However, my applications keep getting rejected for the simple reason that I can't show a 3 year credit history in the UK.
I can not understand this practice.
I've lived in the UK almost one year now and never had any problem paying any bills.
Before that I've lived in Germany for basically 27years (aside form 3yrs abroad for HighSchool, Uni and MBA) and used credit cards ever since I am 18yrs old. Never had a problem.
Furthermore, I have a good job, so there is no indication that there would be a problem with me paying my bills in the future.
MBNA (issuer) is not able/ willing to take my German credit history into account on my new applications and generally seems VERY inflexible.

Does anybody have an idea/ experience how I could get a decent credit card in this country (now)?

Would be grateful for any tips.


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