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What is JCI London?
JCI London is a personal development and networking organisation for young professionals in theirtwenties and thirties. We are part of a global organisation called Junior Chamber International (JCI) which has over 250,000 members in Protected content countries and territories all over the world. Protected content

What is the JCI mission?
“To contribute to the advancement of the global community by providing the opportunity for young people to develop the leadership skills, social responsibility, entrepreneurship and fellowship necessary to create positive change”.

How do we achieve this?
Via high class events in the five “areas of opportunity”: business, training, community, international and social.

Who are our members?
Our diverse membership mix includes representatives from finance/banking, law, medicine/health, marketing, education, business, consultants, engineering, architects, surveyors and entrepreneurs.

JCI London is a voluntary out-of-hours organisation, therefore you will find that the people you meet share a common passion and ambition to challenge and develop themselves in order to realise their maximum potential.

What are the benefits for me?
If you ask our members what they have got out of their membership of JCI London you will probably get several different answers.

Just some of the opportunities JCI London provides include:
•High quality management training
•Leadership experience and development
•Project management experience
•Friendly social events
•Local community involvement
•Business development opportunities
•International twinning events with Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen and Tallinn
•Membership of a world-wide business network
•Regional, national and international conferences
•International travel opportunities to worldwide JCI events

Membership of JCI London is what you make of it. We encourage “learning by doing” and constantly
find that the more our members put into the organisation, the more they get out.

What are the different types of membership?
Full Members:
are entitled to all the benefits of JCI London’s activities and those of JCI UK and Junior
Chamber International. Only full members may be members of council or hold other chamber office
positions (except for the offices of auditor or trustee).

are people who, by reason of age or special circumstances, cannot take full part in the activities of the chamber (i.e. they cannot hold office and do not have a vote). Associate membership is given at the discretion of the local chamber.

A JCI Senatorshipis the highest accolade which Junior Chamber International can bestow on truly outstanding members. A Senatorshipis awarded in recognition of extraordinary contribution, dedication and service to Junior Chamber and it confers life membership of Junior Chamber
International. Senators over the age of 40 are not allowed to hold office but there is still scope to be active in chamber activities.

How much is the membership fee per year?
The full membership the fee is £96 per year.
Student membership is £40 per year.
Associate membership is £50 per year.

How do I join?
Simply fill out a membership form, which are available at most of our events, on the JCI London
website or from membership director Sarah Beckwith
( Protected content ).

How can I find out more?
The best way to find out more is to come along to an event -that way you can experience for yourself what we do and talk to our members to find out what they have gained from the organisation.
Most events are open to non-members –check out the website for details of forthcoming events.

To be kept up-to-date with JCI London activities you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

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