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For More Good Luck - The Meditation on Twin Hearts (London)


Among all the meditation techniques revealed to public, Twin Hearts Meditation is perhaps one of the most effective and efficient meditations that has recorded many glowing testimonials of personal healing, spiritual uplifting, relationship improvements and positive life transformations.
Being a guided short meditation, it has been one of the favorite meditations of all time which yet stands as one of the most powerful methods for achieving peace and illumination.
Among the thousands of life changing benefits of The Meditation on Twin Hearts, include:
1. Recharged Body and Improved Health
2. Sense of Peace and Happiness
3. Better Self Esteem
4. More Harmonising Relationships
5. Sharper and More Intelligent Mind
6. More Good Luck
7. Increased Energetic Sensitivity and Clairvoyance Ability
8. Improved Intuition

Come, awaken your soul with a Meditation on Twin Hearts, Thursdays @ 7pm at the Swiss Cottage Community Centre. Entry fee: £5 only.

London Forum