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GOOD dry cleaner in London, mission impossible?

Posting this again, I just noticed I previously posted it in the wrong forum... :P

At the moment I am using Blossom & Browne's Sycamore but I'm quite disappointed with the results: my dark (tailor-made) suits have got an unappealing shiny reflection when looked under direct lighting :(
I also feel the suits are wearing off much quicker than usual (I stopped using any dry-cleaning service for my shirts for the same reason, I now wash them personally and have them ironed by a professional at my place).

I tried other dry cleaners in the past and I have been unable to find anything that comes remotely close to the standards I used to enjoy in Italy or in France.

Any suggestion on how to find a good dry cleaner and save my suits is more than welcome ;) Thanks in advance!

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