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Happy Name Day ( Chronia Polla) (London)

Good Morning, it's a great day for Greeks today.

National Holiday of Assumption of Virgin Mary and almost every family celebrates (Name Day) for members who name Maria, Mario, Despina, Panayiotis, Panayiota! The country has fiesta in every place!

Name Day for me as well as Despina( Despoina) who means the Lady of the Tower(!) and is coming from the Ancient Greek mythology which was given to the Virgin Mary!

Despina was Demeter and Poseidon daughter, Goddess in the Arcadian area and her name could not be revealed to anyone except those initiated to her mysteries!
(I'm so proud of my name and its qualities)

Happy Name Day to all Greeks IN friends all around the world.
Joy, Health n Happiness! All the Best in your Lives! Enjoy your Name Day :) x

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