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Healthy and Nutritional Cookware (London)

Dear Fellow London Members,

I represent an independent dealership within the Salad Master global franchise in London, called: Healthy Living Shows. Salad Master is the manufacturer of the very state of the art in cookware technology and aesthetics and it is made of Titanium Protected content Stainless Steel – the highly refined stainless steel used for the fabrication of surgical instruments and body piercing.

The cookware enables one to cook food without any oils and fats, as well as cooking vegetables without water, thereby sidestepping any unnecessary fat consumption and retaining 93% of the vitamins and nutrients that are traditional lost when vegetables are cooked in water.

To that end, the cookware is primarily geared to promoting a healthy and nutritional eating lifestyle and general wellbeing in a world of increasing Type 2 diabetes (predominantly caused by obesity), obesity / morbid obesity, cholesterol and cardiac diseases, etc.

Consequently, we are looking to introduce the cookware to the public at large, through individuals and organizations that work or have interests in the sector of health and nutrition, general wellbeing and wellness or just simply those individuals that want to cook and eat healthy / nutritional meals very simply and effectively.

So, if the foregoing appeals to you or you think it will be of interest to any of your contacts, please get in touch with me and I’ll arrange for one of our chefs / consultants to come round to you (at a place and time of your convenience, of course) in order to cook you a three course gourmet meal of no more than Protected content Free of Charge in order to demonstrate the efficacy of the cookware. We’ll bring the food and even clean up after ourselves afterwards. So what do you have to lose, apart from any preconceived scepticism you might harbour? And I promise you, you’ll be amazed and very impressed!

That said, I await any interests or queries. Meanwhile, please feel free to browse our web site: Protected content

Thank you.

George Frederick

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