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How to find a tax advisor on expat issues (London)

Hi all,

I would welcome any advise on the best *process* for finding a tax advisor who can help me with my expat issues (I am a German citizen, residing in London but working with a US based international organisation that doesn't have an office here in the UK (i.e. telecommuting).

My question is really about what's the proper way to find a competent tax advisor, rather than suggestions for names of Mr. X or Ms. Y. I have been looking at the website of the CIOT (Chartered Institute of Taxation), and the search function lets me narrow down by location (London) and specialisation (I chose "int'l personal tax"). That, however, just spits out a long list of more than Protected content , with only info on their address and contact info. That's not very helpful in trying to narrow down by credentials, more detailed specialisation, etc.

I hope someone can advise on process of how to find the right type of tax advisor!

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