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Invest in Gold & Silver (London)

Re: Investing in gold
posted 02/03/ Protected content


There is no doubt that financial system is gradually collapsing. Leaving big black hole in the economy. Banks, financial companies are based on fake criminal economy. On the other hand,governing bodies are introduced to control this fake system, which uses surplus cash, and wire around Europe and globe to,gain the wealth, in order to control the World Economy.Economy based on no production, will eventually collapse and has to replace with new system. This new system usually will be based on production and gold reserves.
Many of you may know or not know that UK have good gold reserve to back up the economy, as they predicted financial system will end one they, to back up their economy. This will mean:

"1.Many major banks disappearing, as well as numerous potentially lengthy bank holidays (think Argentina in Protected content
2.Multiple sovereign defaults as well as broad economic contractions and their commensurate unemployment/ civil unrest/ erasure of retirement accounts/ pensions (this process has already begun in some US municipals, e.g. San 3.Bernandino and Stockton California as well as Harrisburg Pennsylvania).
Possibly new currencies being introduced or new denominations of currencies (say one new unit being worth 1,000 of the old one)
4.Massive wealth destruction to the tune of tens of trillions of Dollars (think MF Global i.e. the money is gone… only systemically… in fact we just had another such instance with PF)
5.A global contraction that will result in new political/ power structures being implemented as well as the breakup of various countries/ unions.
Very serious trade wars to begin (see Obama’s recent attack on China) and very possibly a real war."

Therefore it will be good to invest in mainly gold and silver, which will boom the economy in near future.
Pervin Sahin

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