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Looking for volunteers (London)


My name is Nova; I am a qualified coach and NLP practitioner.
Neuro Linguistic Programming is the fastest and most effective technique to making lasting change in people. It is a way of re-programming your thoughts for success. Or in cases of behaviors you want to get rid of, it redefines memories and erases beliefs that hold you back.
I would like to practice my skills and I am looking for volunteers who want to:
- Replace an undesired behavior by a desired behavior (smoking, overeating...)
- Be in a high performance state when you need too (for an exam, a presentation, a competition...)
- Get rid of a recurrent behavior or limiting belief that holds you back
- be more confident

Please contact me if you would like to work on one of the above and anything else that you would like to improve. I'd be very happy to help.


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