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New to it all, seeking advice. (London)

Well, as the title suggests. I have absolutely no idea where to start with all of this.

I currently live in Montreal and have been dreaming about going to London for some time now. I've traveled, I live on my own here in Montreal in an apartment. I'm trilingual (English, French, Italian)

I guess my question is. How did you guys overcome the fear of leaving it all behind for weeks, months or years at a time? I'm open to the idea of course, I'm not rich either. So how did you guys all manage it? Did you save for years? Did you know someone there? Family? I guess I'm here just looking for that extra little ... "push" to get moving.

At 22, just recently ended a freelance contract in my field, I find myself at kind of a crossroads between staying or going but I feel more inclined to just go.

Thank you,
Alessandro Teodori

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