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Open Evening! What is JCI? What can you do? (London)


Membership of JCI offers extensive opportunities for personal development and training, business networking, involvement in community projects and international travel… not to mention new friendships!

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“You will get more then you give.“ This is the natural rule of all networking and volunteerism.

Jack Canfield’s book “The success principles” says: people who volunteer live longer, have stronger immune system, have fewer heart attacks, recover from illnesses quicker, have higher self-esteem and have a a deeper sense of meaning and purpose then those who don’t volunteer.

The research in this book also shows that people who volunteer in their younger years are more likely to end up in more prestigious and high-paying jobs then non-volunteering counterparts.

To be a volunteer is a very powerful way of networking and often leads to business and career opportunities. There are several networks in London that you can join and JCI is one of them. Join us at our New Member Evening and hear more from the JCI London board!

When you are active on a project like the Landmark Training event “Go for it!” which is run by JCI London in March, you will develop several “success skills”. You meet all kind of new people who will broaden your horizon and who you would never meet otherwise. And the best bit is that the people you meet are the people who makes things happen in your community and your profession!

JCI London is part of the global network JCI and if you are an active member you will get back a lot in return! Take the opportunities to develop your public speaking skills, get higher confidence and practical leadership skills!

JCI’s mission: To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

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