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Picnic - Sunday 17th February - UPDATE (London)

hey boys and girls,

after my excitement, not to mention my unwavering belief, that spring had indeed sprung earlier this week…

my dreams have been cruelly shattered by what can only be described as seriously rubbish weather….

though sunday is forecast to be sunny, i don’t think the actual temperature (high 8, low Protected content at all ideal for a picnic…

and no amount of my sunshine dances seem to be working …...

so on that note the planned picnic for sunday will be postponed : Protected content

m xxx


Hello boys and girls,

If the weather is anything like last weekend i think we should have a picnic in the park (kensington gardens) to mark the fact that spring is FINALLY on the way : )

I suggest we meet around 1:00pm, just inside the entrance of Black Lion Gate (entrance on Bayswater Road side of the gardens) and then find a patch of grass to take over !

Please copy & paste address below to see map :
Protected content

All the you need to do is bring along your food, drink & a rug to sit on : ) I’m still worn out from th wine tasting so no organsing food and drink for you this time ; )

if you have a soccer ball, rugby ball or frisbee please bring along !!

Feel free to bring along husband, wife, children, boyfriend, girlfriend or friends : )))

Please do let me know if you in or out!!

m xx

my last event until m y return from India on March 11th

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