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Questionnaire - British Moroccans (London)

The "Youth Inspire Project" - a partnership project between Al Hasaniya and the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME) - is a pilot project that focuses on culture, citizenship and identity among young British Moroccans Protected content 25 years old).

Through our study, we wish to get a better understanding of the Moroccan community in Britain and identify the needs of our youngsters. The data collected through diverse forms of interaction, such as interviews and questionnaires, will help us target the right issues that our community faces in this country. Ultimately we wish to highlight the factors that encourage, or hinder, the integration of young Moroccans in Britain.

Below is the online version of the questionnaire and I should be grateful for your support in this rather important piece of research:

Protected content

Please feel free to share with those you may know from the same background.

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