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Tango Estilo Urquiza (London)

Dear All,

We have the pleasure to announce the first UK tour of one Laura Brahemcha daughter of the creator of one of the most elegant of Tango's styles: Tango Estilo Urquiza, El Turco Jose.

This style was born during the second wave of the tango, around the mid forties,during the Golden Era , by Laura's father, El Turco Jose and another legend Luis Lemos, they were as revolutionary in the dance as Piazzola was in music, in his time and this style flourished with elegant, flowing movements.

Tango Estilo Urquiza is, also known as a form of Tango de Salon,which is characterised by slow, measured, and smoothly executed moves. It includes all of the basic tango steps and figures plus sacadas, barridas, and voleos. The emphasis is on precision, smoothness, and musicality.

The couple embraces closely but the embrace is flexible, opening slightly to make room for various figures and closing again for support and poise. The walk is the most important element, and dancers usually walk 60%-70% of the time.

This particular, elegant styles is well established across Europe, where Jose's disciples have opened succesful academies and created activities, in places as diverse as Berlin, Copenhagen and Milan, where Laura has also run successful seminars and milongas.

We are planning to run two different kinds of seminars across a weekend in July/August. Each class lasts one and a half hours, and we are targeting this event to two different kind of audiences: one at all levels for people on their own or established couples, and Tang@y, a gay seminar..

I would be grateful if you can spread the word and forward this email to those who will be interested and advice me of numbers, in order to book the right venue.Due to Laura's commitments, our intention is to run it during the weekend of 25th/26th July, but we are adaptable to a date that would be suitable for most of you.

The cost would be of 20 pounds per person, per class. Should you be a beginner, we would recommend you to joins for two classes and we can guarantee you that you would be dancing,confidently in this wonderful style and the end of the seminar. Should you want to book the whole seminar, it would be discounted rate of £35 per person, for both days.

Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact me on Protected content

To have a brief look to what is all about, you would find some links below from Lauras's latest seminar run with Paolo Vitalucci in Milan.

Look forward to hear from all of you and get you dancing!

Tango Estilo Urquiza

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