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The age-old question: How much is enough? (London)

Good afternoon,
I am about to discuss potential relocation opportunities from Johannesburg to London with my company. I would be employed locally (no expat benefits and all that jazz...)

We are a family of 4, with an infant and a toddler. The subsidiary is in London central.
I will find myself in a position to negotiate a package.
In order to do so, I need to understand what is an acceptable monthly salary to afford me the following:
Fairly central 3 bedroom house. At least not far enough to force me to commute for hours each day,
Decent private schooling for my kids. (or areas with good public schooling). Enough money to still be able to have a social life, take my family on holiday and weekends away and afford some savings.

Most of you will agree that a happy home makes for a happy expat!!! I am aware that London is a difficult city, especially with a family on a single income.

I fear that adjusting to the city, if coupled with an unhappy household, would prove disastrous.
The position is head of marketing UK.
Any comments are welcome!!!!!!!!!
Thanks & regards

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