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Try Capoeira in Central London

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Here is Capoeira Academy’s best promotion to date that will enable you to kickstart your summer fitness regime, learn lots of new skills and meet new people.

The promotion will cover*:
> Ginga
> Common capoeira kicks
> Basic acrobatics used in capoeira
> Portuguese greetings and basic conversation
> Instruments used in capoeira
> Common capoeira songs

Commencing on the 1st June Protected content are entitled to take part in all of the scheduled classes for the week you have purchased. To ensure you benefit fully fro the promotion, the last available date of purchase for a weeks worth of classes is the 25th June Protected content .

Key facts:

> This offer is applicable to new starters only
> You can pay to start the promotion at any point during the week
> Your purchase will be valid for 7 days eg if you start on a Thurs you will finish the following Weds
> The last available day to purchase the promotion is 25th June Protected content
> The promotion is at the discretion of Instrutor Bombril

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