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Visiting or Relocating to London? Need a guide?


Hi, I have observed that there are many internationals visiting/ relocating to London. Why not hit the ground running and hire a REAL Londoner to show you the ropes. For a PA hourly fee or flat day rate (depending on your needs) I am happy to help you sort out all the hassles of getting to grips with a new city -from getting to know your local area, to the haunts that people who were born and raised in the city go to, knowing the most cost saving ways to get around the city, do you have children? relocating and finding a good school is always a worry, yes google maps and all the smart apps are great BUT nothing beats a friendly smile and human contact! You can relocate knowing that a lot of things have already been taken care of If this interests you please get in touch and send me a message via Skype: preschematicmarker or email me on this site.

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