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Business Opening in LA - Licenses... (Los Angeles)

Hi there, me and my friend are planing to open a business in LA. Its going to be a hairdresser saloon with a bar. We wanted to sell every alcohol in this bar, but this dont seem to be so easy.
So we decided to sell just beer and vine and cookies. The cookies and cakes we want to bake at home and bring to our shop. In our business is NO kitchen.

Now my question:
Does anybody have a clue, where to get this licenses? Do we need at first the shop and than go for the license? We dont have a business now, we have to rent one.

We have a lawer but hes is just for the visa - so he either dont has a clue....

So many things to do....

We will go to LA with the E2 Visa, or I hope the greencard (I will win on the 5th of may ;-)...
thanks to you all!!!

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