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California Immigrant Integration Scorecard (Los Angeles)

Immigrants have played an integral role in California ever since the state was incorporated into the Union. In the Protected content , nearly 40% of the population were immigrants; currently, immigrants comprise about 27%. Immigrants have played roles as varied as the state itself, but ones vital to the Golden State’s economic stability and growth.

Regions like San Francisco and Santa Clara have experienced relatively high flows of immigrants since the Protected content . Other regions like the Inland Empire (Riverside and San Bernardino) and Sacramento only began to see high growth rates in the last two decades. In between, Los Angeles and Orange counties have experienced high immigration since World War II, while regions like San Diego and Fresno have never been destination locales compared to other regions in the state (although both have more immigrants than most places in the U.S.). So while the state as a whole is characterized by a significant immigrant presence, these regional differences have led to varied local responses.

In a new report, Manuel Pastor, a USC professor who directs the center studying immigrant integration, and his colleagues measure how well California’s regions integrate immigrants into their economic and social fabric.

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