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Fastest way for permanent residency via a spouse (Los Angeles)


Is there anyone who can advise about this, even from personal experience?
If you live outside the USA with your spouse, who is a US citizen, I know that you can file form I Protected content where you are, and arrive as a lawful permanent resident when you get your immigrant visa, which I understand, takes approximately a year to happen.

I'm interested to know if there is a faster way. Is there a way to legally arrive on another visa, and file the I Protected content there to adjust your status, and get some kind of work permit to allow one to work legally until you become a permanent resident?

I'm a certified accountant, and also a certified hypnotherapist, and am very restricted in practising these professions where I am now

Many people do come to the US and adjust their status. I presume there must be ways to do it (lawfully).

Can anyone share any info?


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