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How to plan the move to the US from the UK (Los Angeles)

Hi All,

I have joined the site as I am getting overwhelmed by all the different websites suggesting conflicting methods and thought - who better to ask than people that already live in LA!

My partner, daughter (soon to be 5) and I am seriously considering vacating the sinking ship that is the UK and highly considering the move to the US, and more specifically LA.

My partner is self-employed at the moment with an online marketplace that only ships to the UK, so I know this may not be a tick in the right box for any type of Work related visa. She does however have a BA from an internationally known University, but this is from a decade ago so not sure of the validity.

I however work in Telecommunications and deliver software training to anywhere in the world - we also have an office in Boston, but that is just as cold as the UK!
I did consider getting my current employer to Sponsor me to move but believe this would then restrict me on where I can reside.

My question really is:
>Has anyone moved recently?
>>If so what, if anything, did you have lined up for your arrival? (Employment/Accommodation)
>>How long did the process take?
>>did you move with family? (If so what was expected from immigration?)
>Can I 'travel' with my family and get a Temporary Work Visa with my partner and child just on a visitor?
>>If I do is it simple enough to change it to a Permanent work Visa?

I know there are a lot of questions and I am sorry for my first post being so demanding! I will do better (but I really want to move, and will do everything I can to make it happen!)

Thank You,

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