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The Angst Within (Los Angeles)

The Connecticut shooting was not an isolated incident, there were others of similar nature in Protected content . This happens in a time of peace, in a relatively peaceful neighborhood, and populated by middle class families. Could it mean a breakdown in the moral fabric of society? What has America become?

If “we are what we think” and the perpetrators are teenagers and young adults, what feed their minds? We see Reality TV that casually airs “That’s sick!” “That’s a badass performance! You killed it! You murdered it!” When what they really mean is “You’re exceptional.” The youth are hooked on video games which are becoming more brutal, graphic, bloody, gory, where people are reduced to mere players out to be killed; And the country follows a policy of war that encourages youth to join the armed forces and calls them heroes after returning limbless, often with mental illness. Something deep is breaking out to the surface – anger.

In his short address punctuated by long pauses to avoid choking, Obama shed tears but wiped it off before it falls. It reminds me of the Godfather movie where the Don does everything to protect his family but will do anything to destroy the enemy. By the nature of his job the president knows he plays a major part. He might be successful in protecting America from “outside aggression”, but isn’t it time to focus on a more immediate issue closer to home - the angst within?

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