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Young family moving to LA from London any advise? (Los Angeles)

Hi there - we are looking into moving to SoCal. I am American and my husband is from London. We are a family of Protected content old boy, 5 yr old girl, 3 yr old boy) and live in North London (on the borders of zone 3/4 on the tube map)so used to being close to the buzz of a city but with lots of green space.

How do you choose what area of LA?

My husband is an interior architect - where does that industry lie in LA?

I am an executive assistant at a large international advertising agency - again what part of LA has these types of companies?

In London if you work in the media/creative industry most of the companies are in Shoreditch/West End. Does LA have the same centres or is it varied?

Re housing
We are looking for a safe neighborhood, drive to a beach ideal Protected content or a tad more) close to where the work would be and most importantly - has good public schools (I am guessing charted - NOT LA unified school district). Having lived in London since I was 21 I know the "neighbourhoods" but haven't a clue with a LA.

We would also like an area where other Brits are - I want my children/husband settle in as best as they can.

What are everyone's thoughts on Manhattan Beach, Culver City (Santa Monica too expensive for us) - or any other ideas?

Any advice/tips would be great. smile

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