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Customs Regulation for clearance of Household good (Luanda)

These are the documents required by Angolan Customs:

- Copy of passport and work permit
- Original invoices of household goods
- Cartao de contribuinte: can only be obtained after the work permit
- Certification of employment in Angola
- Copy of plane ticker with valid return flight
- Original Bill of Lading / AWB
- CNCA certificate (sea import)
- Valued inventoru/packing list in Portuguese
- Veritas visit of CIF >$10,000 for a private person $5,000 for a company

The above is the same for Diplomats with an admission or franchise stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affair.

The above is the same for Oil company's and Subcontractors with a request for franchise stamped by SONANGOL (National Oil company which stands a a Ministry)

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