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How is life in Luanda?

Hello Guys!

I am new here, this is going to be my first post, but I have plenty of questions about Angola/Luanda as we may move there in the next few months for a new job for my husband. I would appreciate any information related or unrelated to my questions, anything that may help us decide whether to go. We are from Hungary, lived all over the globe, but have just been through almost 2 years of Egypt (very much of a nightmare), and a bit concerned about Africa in general, especially as we have two young children in the age of 2 and 3. Anyway I’ve gathered my question in bullet points, so please expat Luandians help me out with them.

1. Protected content . I have read and heard that US and Chinese investors are building medical centers, but have not found anything about the current situation. How is healthcare compared to a good ‘European’ standard? Are doctors good? Are the local or also expats? Have locals done studies at reasonable medical schools? What can the healthcare provide you there? Can you make your pregnancy and delivery through there or is it better to do it abroad? Are there any good dental clinics? Can you do general check-ups there (MRI, CT, ultrasound, x-rays)?

2. Protected content would like to find some housekeepers/maids there, and have heard that you can actually find really good ones there. Also heard that they only speak Portugese, except the Filipinas of course. Can you find local ones with high standards of cleaning and taking care of kids, is it better to hire Filipinas (I have heard there are some in Luanda)? Though we have negative experiences of Filipinas from Egypt… Are there agencies assisting with the hiring of housekeepers/nannies/chefs/etc?

3. Protected content am heavily gluten-allergic. Anybody can give me a heads-up whether there is any selection of gluten-free food there?

4. Protected content about general safety, can you go out for shopping alone or with kids?

5. Protected content , compounds. Are these expat compounds gated, guarded? Are they clean? Can you go out for a walk inside or out of the compound? I have heard that the beach downtown is pretty popular for doing some jogging. Is it true? Can you buy electrical household appliances in Luanda, or is it better to bring along from abroad?

6. Protected content can you do on weekends? Are there any country clubs, golf courses, beaches, clubs, bars? What do normally expats do on weekends?

7. Protected content heard that mosquitos are pretty bad in a certain time of the year? How it works, do you really need to sleep with mosquito nets around the beds?

8. Protected content is schooling? I read that there is a really good international school, but waiting time could be 1 year +? Does it worth it, is it really good? Are there any alternatives for schooling, like a kindergarten, nursery or pre-school for a 3+ year old?

Much appreciated any advice in advance!

Best regards,


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