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Kids' malaria prevention - child care - internet (Luanda)

Hey guys,

We (my husband, toddler Mateo and me) have been offered a job in Luanda. We would move there within the next couple of years and would be staying at least another 5 years.
We are really excited but still, there are some questions we would like to ask before accepting the offer.

1) Malaria prevention for kids
One major concern is the malaria prevention for Mateo, who will be 3 when we move. Does anybody of you have any experience with using drugs like Malarone, etc. on kids? We are not sure if using physical prevention like nets, DEET and the like would be sufficient.

2) Internet access
I am a freelance translator and would like to work from home. How is the internet connection and what price should I expect to pay for viable WIFI?

3) Child care
Regarding point 2), as I would like to work, at least a few hours per day, we would like to know if it’s possible to find a nanny and how much we should expect to pay.

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

Hoping to meet many of you soon!!


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