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I'd like to make friends - help! (Lusaka)

Hi Everybody,
Well here I am home alone with my baby girl and very few friends around me and I am getting bored/and going a bit balmy at times with no one to talk to.
I am based in Roma and could get around with taxis, so if anyone is keen to meet a very friendly Australian woman of 37 years and her daughter, please make contact with me.
Am very keen to hook up with other Australians but as I have been an expat living in France for eh past 4 years I also enjoy the company of the rest of you too!

So please don't be shy... if no one contacts me... I will have to start introducing myself to foreigners sitting at La Mimosa Cafe in Arcades and freak a few people out.

Also am considering hosting a party at my house - anyone interested?
Perhaps we could BBQ over a Brai and drink a few Mosi's and wine.

See you soon!

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