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Lusaka facilities/services

Hi all

I'm apologise in advance if this question has been asked a hundred times before.....
There is possibility that me and my family (husband and two boys aged 6&8) are moving to Lusaka. Having lived in Africa before I know what to expect in a general sense, but wanted a bit more info on Lusaka in particular.

How much is rental for a townhouse/duplex in a good area?
Is it possible to get furnished accomodation?
What are the pros and cons of the schools? I know American and Lusaka Intnl have IBO system which is good, but anything else?
Is it possible to get a long-term car rental?
What is the average cost of living for utilities/groceries?
What is the social scene like? Is there a very small expat community? What do people do at the weekends?
Is there home internet, or is it still internet cafes?

So, that's probably enough for now.
Thanks for reading.

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