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The big leap? (Lusaka)


Hello all!

What a great site! 

My partner has recently brought up the opportunity of relocating to Zambia in the future as he has been offered work there. I now have the task of finding out as much as I can before we really start thinking about it. A huge decision ofcourse.. Eek.

I grew up in Hong Kong although born in UK and travelled extensively. We currently live in Australia. There is just the two of us and we are in our 30s.

Would anyone be willing to email with me about this and all my crazy questions?

Or share their experience of moving to Zambia? It looks like a truly amazing place and coming from cushy aussie life not without it's challenges!

I am really interested in whether it easy to form friendships there... Is there lots to do to make this happen? I'm sure this site is a great help!!

I can't seem to find many rental properties with air conditioning .. I'm sure I'll get a few laughs for saying that!

How is the postal system? Ie if you send away for home goods is he postal system trusty? (it's not in Australia!!)

Any words of advice or wisdom very welcome!

Thanks all!

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