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Basic Techniques Of Speaker. Module 1 (Luxembourg)


It's a time to believe in yourself, in your uniqueness and ... enjoy the process of developing a new
It's a time to unleash the mechanism of your genius, uniqueness and originality.

This is exactly what the Charismatic + Public + English Speaking course was created for.

On the 20th of January, its first module begins, in which we will work with the most important point of speeches and communication with people - HOW TO SPEAK!

I have already been convinced many times that success depends on how the speaker says. He can speak in general off topic, and sometimes carry nonsense that does not correspond to validity. But if the speaker is self-confident, energized, able to work with the audience, then all the spectators will be delighted with it. Even those who are in the subject, will say: "He's cool! So bright!"

It why the first module appears and is dedicated to this topic HOW TO SPEAK!

How to use your voice so that the audience can hear you. How to use pauses and cause ecstasy or suspense what will happen next?

We will also develop your creative potential. Which will help to find an interesting answer to a tricky question or to make up your speech so that it will be an exciting detective story for listeners when they want to know the final result.

All these skills are very important in everyday life. In relationships, in the family, at work.
And we will actively develop them.

Built intensively so that this day will be equivalent to 6 months of work in a group of 1 hour every two weeks.

Imagine what a difference Protected content and 6 months and equal results. As a result of such intensive work, the result will be much stronger than in 6 months of work on a little bit.

Plus, work with the English language.
We have all taken into account and provided for everything..
Really cool ?!

Read more detailed information about the first module by clicking on the link.
Protected content

If you have questions, call me.
If in doubt, come to the first hour of the course and make a decision on the spot.

Share this article with those to whom this topic is relevant. We will both be grateful.

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