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British & Irish Film Season (Luxembourg)

The 2nd annual British & Irish Film Season in Luxembourg is being held from Friday 30 September to Thursday 13 October in Ciné Utopia in Limpertsberg, with the Opening Screening taking place on Thursday 29 September at Utopolis in Kirchberg at 19:00.

The Guard

• Ireland, comedy directed by J. Michael McDonagh, starring Brendan Gleeson
• An unorthodox Irish policeman teams up with an uptight FBI agent to investigate an international drug-smuggling ring
• Opening Screening at Utopolis on Thu 29 Sep at 19:00
• Screenings: Tue 4 Oct at 21 :00 & Wed 12 Oct at 21:00

• Wales, drama directed by Marc Evans, with Matthew Rhys, Duffy
• a Welsh couple travel to Argentina to work on their relationship
• Screenings: Fri 30 Sep at 21 :30 & Thu 13 Oct at 19:00

My Brothers
• Ireland, drama directed by Paul Fraser with Timmy Creed and Paul Courtney
• three young brothers’ quest to replace their dying father’s watch
• Screenings: Sat 1 Oct at 21:00 & Tue 11 Oct at 19:00

All Good Children
• Ireland, drama directed by Alicia Duffy, with David Brazil, Kate Duchene & Martin Firket
• two young boys move to France after the death of their mother and one befriends the daughter of an English family
• Screenings: Sun 2 Oct at 21:00 & Mon 10 Oct at 19:00

The Trip
• England, comedy directed by M. Winterbottom, with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon
• Coogan takes Brydon with him to tour the country’s finest restaurants
• Screenings: Mon 3 Oct at 19:00 & Sun 9 Oct at 21:00

Attack the Block
• England, directed by Joe Cornish, with John Boyega & Jodie Whittaker
• A teen gang in south London defend their block of flats against aliens
• Screenings: Wed 5 Oct at 21:00 & Fri 7 Oct at 19:00

• England, comedy drama, directed by Richard Ayoade
• A 15 year-old boy dreams of sleeping with his friend, while at the same time his mother is being seduced
• Screenings: Thu 6 Oct at 19:00 & Sat 8 Oct at 21:30

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