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Consumer rights in Germany (Luxembourg)

Hello everyone,

I am resorting to this forum to seek help about where to get help and support in Germany about consumer rights.

I experienced an awful experience today at DEUTSCHE TELEKOM today wanting to terminate my contract. No body speaks English nor want to speak English. They refuse all communication other than in German. My German is not good enough and I tried my best. They asked me again to leave the shop. I asked to speak to the shop manager and they refused. they called the police. The police came escorted me out of the shop.

I am now seeking help: how can I terminate a contract? I am paying for a service I don't get?

Apart from getting a lawyer, are there any free legal assistance in Trier? Are there any consumer rights association?

My experience is not isolated unfortunately and I speak also on behalf of all the others who have been in the same situation.

I would appreciate any hint on this for me and all expats who live, work here, contribute to the German rental market, consume in Germany for goods and services.

It is impossible to get anything done in Germany if you do not speak German or do not master the language technicalities.

Thanks much in advance.

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