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dealing with bureaucracy (Luxembourg)

I don't like to post a negative topic, but I'd really like some ideas on dealing with Luxembourgian government bureaucracy. I've been given incomplete, misleading, and false information from government employees on a number of occasions.

As I'm from Canada, I'm quite used to red tape and long procedures, but I was completely unprepared for government employees contradicting both statutory and precedent law (unfortunately I don't read French).

I want to believe that it is not really as bad as my initial experiences indicate, but I need a little help on developing a perspective that works in this country, as a business partner want to open an office in Lux, and have me involved in the process.

I've lived in a country where bribing a policeman results in a stiff fine. I've lived in a country where NOT bribing a policeman can result in a stiff fine. Neither have prepared me for Luxembourg, and I really need to learn how to function here.

Can anyone enlighten me?

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