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"I am a Woman" Conference (Luxembourg)

Femininity Academy invites you to attend the I am a WOMAN Conference.

Every woman wants:
- To be loving and loved
- To have a happy family,
- strong health for herself and her dear ones
- To live in abundance
- To assert herself as personality
- To be desired and attractive
- To feel confident about the future
and lots and lots of other “wants”…

But at the same time, we often ask ourselves: “How to manage to do everything? Where to take forces and time for getting it all?

The main thing is to strike a balance and sort out your priorities.
It is so important to allow yourself to be happy and to carve out time for your own precious self, isn’t it?

?? Make a real present for yourselves - attend the I am a WOMAN Conference on March 17 at 19:00??

It is so easy to get bogged down in a routine – work, family, home... – and to completely forget about your dream!
The everyday routine takes everything away: inspiration, desire, motivation, energy, dreams, time, forces…

Consider for a moment, whose life are you living?
How often do you show a false face, putting on different masks and giving the appearance of success, happiness, harmony?
And what is there, inside? under the mask? Sometimes it is just a tired and jaded woman hiding. Sometimes - a completely different person. Since in case you are constantly setting yourself as another person, it is really easy to forget the real You.
Discover your true self! What do you really want? try to give an honest answer to this question!

Put aside the public opinion that imposes the desires of others on you.
You were born to be happy!

To be happy, you need to be sincere. To be sincere with yourself, first of all. Be honest in what concerns your desires, feelings, motives. Don’t try to color your true daily routine and inner world with invisible paints.

??Spend the evening surrounded by experts in psychology, female beauty, femininity, healthy lifestyle and get immediate results!

You will:
?learn to comprehend your female nature and to follow it. Free yourself from all kinds of pretense and the striving to please everyone except yourself.
?solve problems and difficulties at work and in business without nerve-wracking and stresses.
?start achieving your goals. This would bring immense pleasure to you.
?be able to maintain strong and harmonious relationships with your dearest and nearest.
?feel healthy and full of energy.
?always stay beautiful and stylish.

But there’s more to come!
??? All the conference participants will get wonderful presents from our speakers! Come and receive them personally!

Welcome to the women’s conference where professional speakers will share their most important secrets that are sure to dramatically improve your life!

?The speakers:
Daniela Kruger (Personal development trainer)
'' How to be a great woman ''
1.What kind of practice you should do every day .
2. How you can be more attractive.
3. How to behave with men and to keep him interested.
4. Learning the 4 tipes of qualities that every men wants in a woman.
5. Learning the 5 languages of love.

Neha Bhandari (Personal Stylist)
Your Look, Your Style, the Real you!
1. Why should you dress your best?
2. Personal Styling - what? when? why?
3. How to go shopping?
4. Fashion hacks
5. Heels - How to tame them!

Elena Metodieva ( Life coach and teacher of Mandala Dance- female practices)
Embrace Your Femininity
1. Practical tools which you can use in your daily life
2. Understand better the female nature and its potential
3. How to satisfy the 7 main aspects in your life & to create your personal weekly planning
4. How inspiring and magical is to be a woman

Stefania Brunetti (Entrepreneur, 3 start up business, business-coach)
Time for success
1. I can do it, you can do it, follow your passion
2. It is never to late, do not waste time, do not give up, accept failures and forgive yourself, keep perspective / positive, be you, be ethical
3. Points to consider to assess the potential
4. Communication tools. Flexibility. Negotiation . Time mgt / multi tasking effectively

Janna Nilles (Teacher for Personal Development.)
Balance between Body and Soul. How to achieve inner peace by nurturing your body!
1. Recettes of Healthy Way of Life.
2. How to organize yourself in a day routine.

The conference guide – Yulia Bakhtina (President of Academy of Female Charisma Development)
The Secrets of Female Charisma:
1. Where to draw energy from
2. How to enhance your sexuality and sex appeal

?? Women’s Conference "I am a WOMAN"??
Bright, explosive, rich in information and emotions, this conference is the best present for you on the spring day.
Devote one single evening to yourselves and your internal necessities!
Come and get loaded with Energy and Joy!
Get armed with facts and practices that bring immediate results!

?Ticket cost is 10€.
?For more detailed information, please, contact
Yulia Bakhtina at Protected content .

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