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I want to save a restaurant - Tschiderer (Luxembourg)

I am probably young and naive but last year I discovered a restaurant in Luxembourg that I loved so much and now I learned that he is basically going out of business. So what can I do?

I am a big foodie and love small restaurants that put love in their food and use the freshest and local ingredients. Brasserie Tschiderer is exactly like that, and I came across it last year accidentally when exploring another town in Luxembourg - Ettelbruck. After coming once a month I learned more about the owner and I got very attached to the place. Yvan Mertens is a Belgian and he looks about 70 years old. He sold his restaurant of 25 years in Belgium so he and his wife could move to Luxembourg, the region that he loves so much and opened a restaurant here. He opened brasserie Tchiderer in Ettelbruck. This was his dream. He designed the restaurant himself with his own hands, and the place is truly nicely decorated with light colours and wooden furniture. You should see it.

Now he works basically 6 days a week from the morning to the evening cooking food for everyone, in order to make it. Typically he only has one waitress and this is a 3 store restaurant! He uses the freshest ingredients on the market and makes excellent fish dishes.

However, the sad part is that he basically has very little foot traffic, and it has been 2,5 years. He will not survive till the year end if nothing improves... and it breaks my heart. How can so many below average brasseries survive but not something that is truly good? Do people really not love good and fresh food? It is so sad to watch Subway or McDonalds succeed but small restaurants who use food from local farmers like Tschiderer fail. If you support local business, please go and visit. And if you like it, tell your friends. Please?

There is more background about Yvan in French:
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