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Information about AMAZON in Luxembourg

Hello. I am from Spain, Madrid. If I am lucky enough, I will be able to work as Senior Financial Analyst for Amazon in Luxembourg. I would really like someone to help me on the following Issues.

1.- Cost of Living in Luxembourg for a 5 members family (wife plus 4, 9, 10 years old children). (Housing, meals, schools).
2.- Allowances and requisites from Luxembourg for children and families.
3.- Taxes (is there a clear table of the tax rates depending upon the income....).
4.- Experiencies of families going on Luxembourg.

And if anyone knows about the salaries in Amazon, so I can make my own family P&L. Are the salaries at something you can trust on?.

I really have much more questions, but I do not want to take away too much of your time. Of course If someone can give me a contact so I can stay in touch to ask for some help and information on first hand I will really appreciate it.
Thank for your interest and your help. Juan.

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