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Luxembourg Set to Host 9th World Peace Forum & Lux

Luxembourg Set to Host 9th World Peace Forum & Luxembourg Peace Prize Protected content

Delegates from around the world will converge on the Grand Duchy at the start of next month as the World Peace Forum takes place on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 October.

Previous years have seen speakers and delegates attending from all corners of the globe, including North and South America, Asia, Africa and Europe, with circa 40 countries represented at the World Peace Forum in previous years.

This year the World Peace Forum has grown from its beginnings in Schengen, as both Romania and Egypt have held significant events in May, with the latter focusing on Youth. This year the Luxembourg event will feature the inaugural Luxembourg Peace Prize, as well as a series of workshops and conferences along focused themes. And next year the World Peace Forum will have a conference in Brazil in September.

Thursday 1 October Protected content Pre-Programme

19.30 Screening of the Film “Andrew Carnegie: Rags to Riches, Power to Peace” @ Ciné Utopia (Avenue de la Faiencerie, Luxembourg-Limpertsberg)

DAY 1: Friday 2 October Protected content European Parliament (Robert Schuman Building, Luxembourg-Kirchberg)
Protected content
09.00 Registration of Participants

09.30 United Nations Flag Mandala - Mrs. Dagmar Berkenberg, The World Peace Prayer Society, Japan

10.00 Opening Address ‘Nonviolence is a Weapon of the Strong’, Celebration of Mahatma Gandhi's 146th Birthday - Dominicus H. Rohde, President of the World Peace Forum, and H. E. Ambi Venkataraman, Honorary Consul of India in Luxembourg (tbc)

10.20 Presentation of the 1st Youth World Peace Forum in Cairo, Egypt - Mr. Carlos Palma, International Activities Director, El Rowad American College, Cairo, Egypt

10.50 Presentation of the 9th World Peace Forum in Baia Mare, Romania - Mr. Adrian Dan Pop, President WPF Romania Chapter

11.10 Reading of the Baia Mare Protocol - Mrs. Vicki Hansen, President WPF Luxembourg Chapter
Protected content
11.30 Debate: 'Europe - A Future for the Refugees' - Podium: Mr. Jaume Tapies, Peace by Tourism, Haifa, Israel; Dr Christian Barkei, Principal, St. George's School, Luxembourg; Mr. Martin Gurvich, Mahaprabhu Dasa, Radhadesh Krishna Temple, Belgium; Mr. Charles Danguy, President Initiatives & Changement Lorraine, France; Prof. Dr. Raphael Pitti, Committee for Syria, Aleppo, Syria;
12.30 Vegan Lunch Buffet, Vegan Society Luxembourg, at the Centre Saint Jean XXIII

14.30 Luxembourg Peace Prize Ceremony - Presentation of the LPP by Valter Alcoforado, Portugal and Sebastian Eberwein, Luxembourg

14.40 Musical Interlude: Songs by Ms.Wajd Asmar, Aleppo, Syria

15.00 Handing of Peace Prizes to the Protected content

- For outstanding Peace Activists:
To: Chairman Tianbiao Tang, Beijing, China, President of China International Cultural Communication Center (CICCC)

To: Mrs.Patricia Pellegrini, Argentina (LPP Protected content , Ministry of Education, Government of the City of Buenos Aires

- For outstanding Peace Education:
To: Rowad American College Cairo, Principal Mrs. Sherine el Adly, Egypt
To: Manchester International School Cairo, Educational Director Mrs. Sabrina Ciccillo, Egypt

- For outstanding Peace NGOs:
To: New Humanity, Focolare Movement, Marco De Salvo, President of New Humanity, Italy
To: MasterPeace Foundation, Netherlands, Founder Mr. Ilco van der Linde, Netherlands
To: MasterPeace Foundation, Egypt, Founder Mr. Mohamed Helmy, Egypt

- For outstanding Public Peace Efforts:
To: City of Baia Mare, Romania, Mayor Mr. Catalin Chereches, Romania

15.30 Songs by Student Choir, Luxembourg

15.40 Presentation: ‘Global Social Cohesion, solidary health care model’ - Mr. LLuis Solanell Banegas, International President of NGO 4PPA HEALTH, Spain/Ukraine; Dr. Juan Luis Ney Sotomayor, Medical Director 4PPA HEALTH, Spain / Ukraine; Dr. Vladimir Tsepkolemko, President Virtus Clinic, Spain / Ukraine

16.00 Global Outlook on Peace - Mr. Kai Jacobsen, Department of Peace Operations (DPO) – PATRIR, Romania

16.20 Closing Remarks - Mr. Dominicus H. Rohde, President World Peace Forum

16.30 End of Conference Day: Free time to discover Luxembourg City

20.00 Evening of Celebrations, inspired by India at mélange (1 Rue Nennig, L- Protected content Peace Concert with Metissia Singer, Berlin, Germany

Day 2: Saturday 3 October Protected content Lycée de Schengen in Perl (Deutsch-Luxemburgisches Schengen-Lyzeum Perl, Auf dem Sabel 2, D- Protected content , Germany)

09.00 Bus leaves from Bus Stop at Philharmonie / near European Parliament Building

10.00 Opening Address at the Europa Museum in Schengen - Mayor Mr. Ben Homan, Mayor of Schengen (tbc)

10.30 Registration of Participants and Speed-Networking

11.00 "Global Prospects“ - Prof. Dr. Antonio Legeren, University of A Coruña, Spain

11.20 Non Violent Protest - Prof. Dr. Stephen Zunes, University of San Francisco, USA

12.00 Workshops

I: ‘From Syria to Germany – A Refugee Story’ - Armeed Mohammad Nasir, Syria

II: 70 Années de la Création des Nations Unies - Mr. André Weber, President of French Veteran Associations

III: ‘Mobilität und Friede’ - Mrs. Sabine Nowaczyk, WPF Chapter Germany

IV. Creative Peace Poetry - Mrs. Christina Pena, Berlin, Germany

12.45 Feedback from the Workshops with Sebastian Eberwein

13.15 Intermezzo “Give Peace a Hand”

13.30 Walking Lunch at the Lyzeum

14.30 Insights and Updates from Projects and Peace Missions:

I. ‘What is left of Aleppo’ - Prof. Dr. Raphael Pitti, Committee for Syria, France / Syria

II: ‘Building Peace in Uganda’ - Prof. Dr. Jaime Cardenas, SPF Research Director, Spain

III: ‘The Life of Young Refugees’ - Mrs. Anny Hesius, Luxembourg

15.45 Presentation: Real Global Telemedicine, based on solidary and self-sustainable health care model - Mr. Roger Lee Heath, CEO LifeBot, USA

16.15 Presentation of WPF Protected content Conference with Prof. Dr. Dulce Magalhaes, Peace University, Brasil

16.30 Closing Panel - Mr. Kai Jacobsen, Department of Peace Operations (DPO) – PATRIR, Romania

17.00 Moment of Silence for the Victims of Violence. Closing Ceremony - Mr. Aditya Sharma, India

17.30 End

18.00 Visit of Siegfried Line with Mr. Sebastian Kirch, Perl, Germany

19.00 Bus Departure for the President's Dinner

For further information, see Protected content

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