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Luxembourg Weather

Hello Luxembourg People :D

I was looking for information about Luxembourg and I found answers to many of my questions in all the post from people moving there and people welcoming.

There is one thing I have not found: information about the weather. I lived 4 years in Dublin and got pretty much depressed there.

How does it look like in Luxembourg? The info I found online are not suggesting the most brilliant weather conditions :(

It seemswinters are never cold-cold and summers never hot-hot. Hummidity seems pretty high all year round and rain seems showing up many days there...
Can anybody pls tell me this is not true?
For example Berlin can be very cold, but very often we have blu sky and shiny sun.

Also, about the airport, I understood it is pretty close but i also couldn't find many flights from there (except Luxair that is a bit expensive). I think Freankfurt Hann is not far. Cherleroi not sure. Nancy is close but what company flies there?
Can anybody suggest pls if it is possible to use low-cost companies from any airort around without having to drive long-long?

Thanks in advance

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