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My family moving to Europe. (Luxembourg)


I am far away in Chicago, so anyone can expect I post my true feelings. My wife and I would love to move to Europe, but she complains we are poor. We only have maybe $400K and our house. I don't know what many make there, but I think we could rent something. My dream would be to move to a small country that does NOT threaten the world like the U.S. If one looks at the history of the U.S. since Protected content , the CIA overthrows gov. officials that do not bend to the U.S. Please research this, I was surprised. McCain started the Nazi movement in Ukraine. My daughter is a" British accent fan, and I think about Vienna." My wife has been ill so we have not moved.It is good France stands up, and Germany , as we have a controlled media here,CNN,FOX. I don't need a job, but have NOT looked into a U.K. passport with my birth name being Fisher in Protected content . We are bitter to live in the U.S. with tattooed people and low life around, only the Polish and Lith. keep our area up. God bless you there!

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