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[Photography] Looking for models (Luxembourg)

Hi all !

I'm a photography enthusiast who likes to takes pictures of a bit of everything (with some preferences for wildlife/pets and landscapes).

I'd like to get more experience in portraiture and that's why I'm looking for "models".

As this is a hobby of mine I'm not looking for pro/paid model.
I'd like it to be a win/win experience: for me to improve and for you to get some nice pictures.

The kind of shooting I'm looking for is pretty simple:
- Close portraits / "fashion"
- Outdoor (Luxembourg city)

I'll provide a basic "contract" regarding the pictures:
- I'm not looking to make any money with them
- No pictures will be posted online without your approval !
- You can do whatever you want with them (as long as no alterations are made to them).

To have an idea of my "work" so far, feel free to visit my flickr: Protected content

If you got any question feel free to send me a message :)


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