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Subrenting my flat Nov-Feb completely furnished (Luxembourg)

Dear all,

I am going to sub-rent my small flat in Howald (Rue Edouard Oster) over the winter (from November until February).

The flat is according to the architect drawings real 45 sqm (an agency would advertise it as 55 :o) and normally suitable for 1 person only. I will put all my personal belongings into the cave and attic and will leave the flat ready to move in with more than just the furniture but also the kitchen stuff (silverware, plates, pans etc.). Upon request we can also talk about bed sheets (my used ones that I would most probably replace afterwards in this case).

There is an entrance hall with 2 normal sized wardrobes and a Billy shelf for the shoes. One of the wardrobes also offers place to stuff bags on top of it.

The shower room has a mirror and an extra piece to place the bath stuff, there is also the toilet.

The living room has a couch that can be transformed to an acceptable bed for guests. There are 2 Billy shelves for books etc 2 living room tables, one small kitchen table and I have 1 office chair and 2 other chairs in there. There is a TV that I never plugged so there is no reception installed at the moment (i don’t watch TV, but if that is an important thing, then we could see how to set this up). I can leave my stereo there as well.

The kitchen is extra and has all essentials: dishwasher (that i don’t user, but should work), microwave, oven, 4 gas heaters and storage for food, plates, silverware, pans etc..

The bed room is separated from the living room with a curtain and holds a 140m with bed with storage room under it, an office desk and a dresser. There is also a old style 17' monitor that I use to watch things form my laptop that I can leave in the room or put to the attic if it is not needed.

In the cave there is a wash machine. the cave and attic will most probably be filled with my private stuff and won’t be available.

There is a cleaning lady coming every second week and does also the ironing for you (she has 2h for that plus cleaning the rooms, so the quantity is limited of course). The whole package costs me about Protected content all charges which is pretty much the lowest price that you can get for living alone in Luxembourg where kitchen is not in your bedroom.

There is a parking in front of the house associated with the flat, so there will always be a way to park (even without registering the car here).

The main disadvantages are: it’s on the 3rd floor without elevator. You need to work around in the kitchen as there is no hot water from the tab (I use the water cooker for dishwashing; it’s still easier than putting on the dishwasher for my small quantity). And the shower has a strange shape, i guess its meant for children to be able to set

So since i want to move in there again after working from Spain in winter, it’s important for me to find someone that is clean and will not destroy everything. let me know if you are interested, have question or want to see the place. Please contact me with a msg here.

I will publish it also on appartager and add some pictures to it.

cheers Mirco

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