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When you are an Expat who wants to volunteer in LU (Luxembourg)

Your life as an expat is so much richer once you step out of your comfort zone provided by the work-home routine or by certain clubs or support groups that make your settling in less challenging. It no longer comes as a surprise to hear an expat say: I don't really know any Luxembourgish people. For lack of personal experiences stereotypes are easily applied both ways. Language barriers are often invoked as one of the reasons that prevent the new comers from reaching out to meet the locals.

Intcomlux (which stands for International Communities of Luxembourg) is here to help you step out, cross the line and become proactive in learning more about the country that welcomes you. One of our projects supported by the Ministry of Family and Integration is that of facilitating expat volunteering activities by giving more visibility to the local organisations that welcome English-speaking members of the international communities, while encouraging the expats to get involved in various social projects.

If you are one of the many people who would like to add more meaning to a free time activity while supporting a good cause and meeting locals and expats alike, get in touch by sending us an email at Protected content . Based on the information we have already collected we will recommend you projects and activities that would suit your interests, skills and availably. A volunteering registration form is already available online on our website: Protected content

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our Expat Volunteering Team!

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