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Why complete a tax return if you are not obliged ? (Luxembourg)

Filing a tax return is often long and tedious. Long because you must get together all the supporting documents received throughout the year. Tedious because it is difficult to know what numbers to put in which box and what deductions you are entitled to.
Yet even if the law does not oblige you to do so, it is in your best interest to file a tax return.
The most obvious reason is that if the law does not oblige you to file a tax return, it is because it is not in the interest of the tax authorities. In other words, the law leaves aside any situation in which it is certain that the taxpayer, by filing a tax return, will pay less tax rather than more.
For a single worker, just paying for car insurance makes it worthwhile applying for a tax adjustment.
The second reason is that by completing your tax return, you will find that there are several opportunities to reduce your tax. When choosing your financial operations, you will gradually take "tax" profitability into account as well as pure financial profitability. Indeed, the fiscal impact differs according to the different types of investment.

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